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Sauer Compressors

Elgi Sauer Air Compressors- Why you should Choose Geejay Marine for buying these?

Searching for the best air compressor provider in Kochi or Kerala, then you have reached the right destination. Air compressors of various kinds are served by Geejay Marine and we ensure that you find the most suitable, best quality products.
Air compressors of all kinds are provided by us at rates which are so nominal that you won’t find them elsewhere. Following are the Elgi Sauer Compressors and various other products which you can find at our product store-  

  • Portable Compressor  
  • Centrifugal Air Compressor
  • Oil Lubricated piston Compressor
  • Oil free Piston Compressor
  • High Pressure Piston Compressor
  • Lubricated screw air Compressor
  • Oil free screw air Compressors


ELGI Sauer Compressors now brings to Indian Navy, the compressors from both Sauer & Elgi range along with a completely focused team, to cater to the comprehensive requirement of the Navy. Our state-of-the-art designs like WP5000, coupled with the after-sales service that is in tune with “Think Long Run” ideology is indeed a potent combination for becoming a reliable companion for generations.

Excellent functioning

Capacity and power of the air compressors would be higher than what you expect at the time of buying. The compressors are designed to deliver more than what is required and that is why people would totally find the machines extremely useful in all kinds of environment. Depending upon the voltage you have in the area where you want to use the air compressors, you can easily find a suitable air compressor at Geejay Marine.

No matter where you use the air compressor machines, be it garage, warehouse or some other place, it’s going to functioning decently and would not create noise. The horse power is compatible and really high which helps the air compressor to perform perfectly well in all kinds of places and conditions.


Designed by experts

Air compressors of different types, which are provided at Geejay Marine are perfect for the intense working and will not be harmed even when used for longer time periods. The strong build of our air compressors are designed by experts who have mastered the art of creation of such air compressors.
Experts give lots of time to every design and make sure perfection is achieved in creation of our air compressors. As agents and dealers, we ensure experts maintain the quality standards every time in every design.


Serving Quality

As authorized dealer in Kochi and Kerala, we have ensured that our customers get the best. We believe that serving the most useful product is our duty, and for this we maintain stock of latest air compressors.
When you buy from Geejay Marine, you will notice that you will be happy regarding the machine’s working conditions including usefulness of the air output or power. Huge maintenance bills in future would also be avoided as your Elgi Sauer air compressor would work in great condition for years that will come.


Maintaining air compressors

It’s essential that the air compressors are maintained with effective techniques so that they do not get spoiled. Since the compressed air is dirty, wet and even hot, it has to be filtered at regular intervals so that the machine could function really nicely.
The air has to be cleaned from time and gain to keep the machine in really healthy working condition. Filters must be used for removal of dust, oil and even water droplets which can get locked into the system.



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